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Wax Luminaries:

Wax luminaries, our flagship product, can be best described as hollow candles or wax hurricane lamps.  These unique vessels are illuminated using either: votive candles, disposable oil lamps or battery operated LED tealights.  Each luminary is made from a special blend of wax which is resistant to melting when a candle or oil lamp is used.   The frosted appearance and texture is created using a proprietary method developed over the last 10 years.  After the day-long curing process, each luminary is trimmed, finished and shaped by hand to create a balanced and clean appearance.  Available for rent or purchase.



Our luminaries come in a wide range of 80 shapes and sizes.  Whether you need a small 3”x3” square luminary to illuminate a cocktail table or a giant 24”x 72” round piece to decorate  a hotel lobby, we have various sizes for all applications.   Florists, event planners, interior designers, wedding planners, spas, restaurant owners and exclusive hotels love our products for their beauty, uniqueness and versatility.  Although ivory and white are the most popular colors for our wax luminaries, we offer 20 standard colors and for a small fee, we can custom color match any color for your application as long as you provide us with a color/fabric swatch or a Pantone number.   

Each vessel can be lit four different ways. The first and most recommended is a votive candle because it provides the brightest and warm light. Next is the oil lamp (aka: fuel cell).  These hotel-approved oil lamps are available in sizes ranging in burn time of 8 hours to 36 hours.  The safest option is our eco-friendly LED light.  We offer this bright LED as both battery operated or a rechargeable version.  While it may not look exactly like a real flame from a candle, these tea candle shaped LED lights are perfect for venues that must follow strict fire codes or meet LEED certification requirements. 

Event professionals and businesses qualify for wholesale pricing.  Please contact us for more details.  Patty: 602-472-0298




As the name implies, Candles West started primarily as a candle company.  Our candles are very popular because our candles are handmade in our factories in Phoenix using only high-grade paraffin and soy wax.   With our candles, the melted wax doesn’t spillover or drip over the edge while burning.  This design prevents any wax from spilling onto delicate surfaces and allows for a much longer burn time.  On average, our candles burn 20% longer than the competition.  In addition, since we use the highest quality wicks and waxes, you will experience a brighter, more durable flame in addition to a candle that is the same color throughout the candle.  The unique frosted appearance adds a rustic beauty to the candle making it suitable for any room or décor.    (For a small additional fee, we can also match any color or produce a candle in any fragrance.  Minimum order 20 pieces.)



Our popular beeswax candles are produced using only pure beeswax and high quality wicks.  These unscented candles burn longer, cleaner and produce more light than paraffin candles due to the nature of the wax.  The amber color and hearty large flame make this candle ideal for restaurants and venues that wish to create a romantic and warm atmosphere without the typical smell of candles.  And similar to our other candles, our beeswax candles last longer because the melted wax doesn’t spill over the edge of the candle.   All of our beeswax candles are hand crafted at our facilities in Phoenix by skilled craftsmen for unsurpassed quality and beauty.
Event professionals and businesses qualify for wholesale pricing.  Please contact us for more details.  Patty: 602-472-0298

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Imagine how beautiful your restaurant will look when customers enter a dining room softly lit by our stone vessels.  Our unique stone vessels are custom made for us by a small stone shop in South America.  This special translucent marble produces a warm glow when lit with a votive candle or fuel cell. 

The unique patterns and natural veins within the stone are accentuated by the gentle flickering flame.  Whether you place these on your dining tables, cocktail tables, bar, or buffet, our stone vessels are guaranteed to create a more elegant and romantic setting that your guests will love.

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