About Us


Restaurant owners and managers know that having the right atmosphere has a significant impact on the bottom line. Along with excellent customer service, great food, and a beautiful interior, a fine restaurant should also choose to have the right type of candles that will create a romantic and elegant setting to make a dining experience memorable. Happy customers usually become repeat customer who will share their experience with friends, family and coworkers. Candles West provides a wide variety of restaurant lighting products such as: LED tealights, candles, stone vessels, wax luminaries and hand-blown glass chandeliers. While many restaurants prefer to decorate their venue with candles, many are choosing to offer an attractive mix of candles and wax luminaries to ensure the proper ambiance. Specifically, customers choose Candles West for their unique wax luminary vessels and high-quality beeswax candles. These beeswax candles are popular because aside from being dripless, these candles are made with high grade American wax and wicks. These materials produce a higher quality candle that releases less smoke, less soot and allows for a beautiful vibrant glow from a hearty flame. Our candles are reliable and will provide a long burn time. Most importantly, many restaurants choose our beeswax candles for their very low price. While many competitors offer similar 3x3 beeswax candles for an average of $8.00 to $12.00, the same 3x3 beeswax candle can be purchased from Candles West for only $4.95. These candles will also last an average of 50 hours compared to 40 hours from the competitor’s candle.